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Rules and Regulation
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Students’ Code of Conduct :

Uniform :
It is mandatory for all the students to wear prescribed uniform. Students not  nearing the correct uniform will be restricted from entry into the college campus.

Identity Card :
Students must carry their identity cards to the campus and produce it whenever asked for. In case of loss or damageof the cards, the concerned authority must be informed immediately.

Ragging :
All forms of ragging, inside and outside the college, are prohibited and Sonapur College has no past evidence of the same. Strong disciplinary action will be initiated against of the students found to be indulged directly or indirectly in it.

Classroom :
During teaching hours all areas around classrooms will be observed as silent zones. The authority will deal with students who create any disturbance in the classrooms as they deem right.

Notice :
All students should read the notice board of the college regularly. Any notice desired to be circulated or pasted any where in the college premises shall require to seek prior permission from the college authority.

Campus Cleanliness :
Students are desired to maintain all forms of discipline in the college campus. Spitting, writing and stcking anything in the college campus is strictly prohibited. Anybody found doing this will be punished

Use of Mobile Phone :
No students will be allowedto use mobile phone in the college campus. Disciplinary action will be initiated against those found violating this rule.

No Smoking :
The College campus has already been declaredas the “NoSmoking / No Gutkha/ No Tobacco/ No Drugs/ No Alcohol Zone”. Needless to surely invitepunishment from the collegeauthorities.

Functioning of Scieties and Association :
The Activitiesof only those societies and associations recognisedby the principal will be performed in the college premise.

Students’ Union :
Sonapur College StudentsUnion shall be subjected to such rules and regulationas the college authority may prescribe from time to time.

Missing Blonging:
Any missing alonging of any student found in the college campus mustbe deposited in the office.


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