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The students can be remember of the defferent societies and forum to enrich their socio-economic and spiritual development along with academic one.

1. Sonapur College Students’ Union
Sonapur College students’ Union is the general body of students of the college. Its membership is compulsory for every students. Office bearers are elected annually.
Besides the college has a few number of study circles in the form of association and forum.

2. Sonapur College Geographical Society :
The objective of Sonapur College Geographical Society is to make this subject popular among the students and public and also to create awarness for environmental preservation. The society is also undertaking projects on verious socio-economic and environmental problemsof the locality and trying to find remedies. The society has already organised a number of seminars and workshops indifferent schools on the topics related to Geography and Environment.

3.Sonapur College Literary Society :
The Sonapur College Literary society is formed with an objective of raising consciousness. among students for study and researchin the literary field. It also aims to increase students’ interest in renovating the folk-culturalwealth and tradition of the locality.

4. Sonapur college women’s cell (scwc)
Sonapur College Women Cell is an important wing of the college. It is an organised effort of the women teachers, girls students of sonapur college and also of the women of neighbouring areas for women emancipation and freedom with its prognessive activities.

5. Sonapur College Economic Forum :
The forum aims at raising consciousness among students towards the economic issues relevant to the regional socio-cultural milieu. The students will be encoraged to collect economy based data and to analyse the same which will help them for further study.

6. Sonapur College Philoshophical Forum :
The forum organises seminars at a regular basis for making the students aware of the various issues on Philoshopy.

7. Manuram Karkun Teaching and Research Centre for Tribal Language and Culture:
This centre is constituted with a view to teach the different tribal languages of the locality. Further, it also aims in undertaking defferent research work in the relevant topics. The first step of the centre is to conduct a four month certificate course on Karbi Language.

8. Kala Bhumi :
A centre for dance and Music for the promotion of the of the hidden cultural talents of the students. Workshops on drama are organised regularly during the summer vacation. Such workshops are open for all. The product of the workshops are also exhibited after the completion of the workshop. It is our priviledge to inform that such performances receive acclaim outside the state also.

9. Sonapur College Museum :
The museum is established to preserve the antique resources scattered in Greater Dimoria. It helps the students to learn the socio-cultural and historical knowledge of the locality. The students are also given the opportunity to collect various relevant items for the museum.

10. Academic Management Committees of Sonapur College

  • Quality Advisory Committee. (QAC)

  • Prospectus Cum Academic Calendar Preparation Committee.

  • Class Routine Preparation Committee.

  • Admission Management Committee.

  • Class Management Committee.

  • Infrastructure Maintanance and Dev. Committee.

  • Examination Board.

  • Library Advisory Committee.

  • Grievance Redressal Cell.

  • Budget Committee.

  • Guidance & Counselling Cell.

11. Computer Education
Computer Education is provided not only to the members of this institution but also is openfor outsiders. The teachers are available always in the college premisesin all the working days. They are ever-ready to provide any kind of guidanceto the students. So the students should takethis opportunity to mould their career for a better tomorrow.

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